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transform ! est un réseau regroupant 32 organisations européennes de 21 pays. Ayant pour objectif d’agir comme un vecteur d’éducation politique et d’analyse scientifique critique, ce réseau agit comme la fondation politique du Parti de la Gauche Européenne. Cette collaboration d’organisations indépendantes à but non lucratif, d’instituts, de fondations et de personnes entend utiliser le fruit de son travail pour contribuer à la construction de relations apaisées entre les peuples ainsi qu’à la transformation du monde d’aujourd’hui.

Articles les plus récents

The European Left to become a truly European political party

lundi 13 janvier 2020 — Blog
Speech by Yiannis Bournous, Delegate of SYRIZA, MP in the Hellenic Parliament, at the 6th Congress of the Party of the European Left

The Determination to Tackle Climate Change Ends Where the Big Profits Begin

mercredi 8 janvier 2020 — Blog
Speech by Catarina Martins at the 6th Party Congress of the Party of the European Left, December, 2019

No Mean Task

vendredi 20 décembre 2019 — Blog
Speech by Walter Baier at the 6th Party Congress of the Party of the European Left, December 14th, 2019

Work and Economy in the Climate Crisis

mercredi 18 décembre 2019 — Blog
The earth is heating up faster and faster. We live, work and produce at the expense of others and at the expense of our future. What needs to change? What challenges and tasks do employees and trade unions face in order to make good work and a good life for all (...)

From Marseille to Bilbao – and Now to Brussels. The European Forum of Progressive Forces

vendredi 6 décembre 2019 — Blog
At its fifth congress held in Berlin in 2016, the Party of the European Left (EL) decided to set up an annual forum of progressive forces with the aim of being able to intervene more effectively in European public debate.

2019 Members‘ Meeting of transform ! europe

vendredi 6 décembre 2019 — Blog
In mid-September, representatives of member organisations, employees and guests met at our coordination office for our annual Members‘ Meeting. Almost 50 participants engaged in general political discussions and the Members adopted the organisation’s budget and working schedule for (...)

On Rosa Luxemburg. The Most Recent Publications

vendredi 6 décembre 2019 — Blog
Find here a non-exhaustive list of the most recent publications on Rosa Luxemburg's life and work - all released in 2019, the year of the 100th anniversary of her murder.

Greece’s New Authoritarian and Undemocratic Rule

jeudi 5 décembre 2019 — Blog
The recently elected right-wing New Democracy government is completely in the service of the 'law and order' doctrine.

Madrid, dominated by the extreme right, continues to cry out No pasarán !

mercredi 4 décembre 2019 — Blog
On 30 October the Madrid City Council approved the celebration on 23 August of the Day of European Remembrance of the Victims of Stalinism and Nazism to pay homage to the victims of the communist and National Socialist regimes and other totalitarian and authoritarian regimes’, following an (...)

Climate Emergeny Declaration Needs Overarching Social Transformation

lundi 2 décembre 2019 — Blog
Read the statement of the GUE/NGL group on the climate emergency declaration of the EU parliament.

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