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Jacobin is a leading voice of the American left, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture. The print magazine is released quarterly and reaches over 30,000 subscribers, in addition to a web audience of 1,000,000 a month.

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Bernie Wants You to Own More of the Means of Production

lundi 14 octobre 2019 par Matt Bruenig
Bernie Sanders released a proposal today that would gradually shift 20 percent of corporate equity into funds owned and controlled by the workers in each company. The plan, which would apply to all publicly-traded companies and large closely-held companies, would move 2 percent of corporate (...)

Is This the Future Liberals Want ?

lundi 14 octobre 2019 par Matt Karp
October 2040: an exhausted nation readies itself for the third and final presidential debate of a grueling campaign season. Across America’s living rooms, bars, basement shelters, and prisons, augmented reality devices light up with images of the two contenders. First-term California governor (...)

Why Chicago Charter Teachers Like Me Are Ready to Strike

dimanche 13 octobre 2019 par Mike Scott-Rudnick
I work at a school called Passages in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago. Our school has one of the highest percentages of refugee students in Chicago Public Schools (CPS), 70 percent of which are low-income, over half black or brown, and four in ten with limited English skills. It has a (...)

The Border System Is Criminal

dimanche 13 octobre 2019 par Belén Fernández
On October 1, the New York Times reported on some of Donald Trump’s visions for the United States-Mexico border, including “a water-filled trench, stocked with snakes or alligators” and a wall with “spikes on top that could pierce human flesh”: After publicly suggesting that soldiers shoot migrants (...)

Polish Liberals Embraced Austerity — and the Nationalist Right Is Benefiting

dimanche 13 octobre 2019 par Adrien Beauduin
This Sunday’s election promises a landslide for Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) Party, bolstered by four years of popular welfare measures and nationalist-conservative rhetoric. Polls indicate that the right-populist party will take between 40 and 45 percent of the vote — up from 37.5 (...)

Love Remain, Hate Jeremy Corbyn

dimanche 13 octobre 2019 par Daniel Finn
As October 31 approaches, yet another deadline for Britain’s departure from the European Union is upon us. Yet this time around, it’s quite possible that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will end up losing his legal and diplomatic battles yet winning the electoral war. If Johnson does have ask for (...)

The Ghost of Jimmy Hoffa Won’t Go Away

samedi 12 octobre 2019 par Steve Early
When I was working with the Teamster reform movement forty years ago, truck drivers concerned about union corruption had to proceed warily. In the late 1970s, too many affiliates of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) were run by grifters or autocrats of the usual business union (...)

Labour and the Fight for a United Ireland

samedi 12 octobre 2019 par Daniel Finn
A recent YouGov poll found that 38 percent of people in Britain reckoned they knew “a fair amount” or “a great deal” about the issues surrounding the Irish border (also known as the British border in Ireland). 49 percent reported themselves to be “not very much” or “not at all” informed. In itself, (...)

The “Strongest Argument Against Medicare for All” Is Very, Very Weak

samedi 12 octobre 2019 par Ben Burgis
I make a living teaching students how to construct arguments and analyze arguments made by others. I wrote a book about logic. I love this stuff. So when I see a New York Times opinion piece titled “This Is the Strongest Argument Against Medicare for All,” my ears perk up. The author, Reason (...)

Ecological Politics for the Working Class

samedi 12 octobre 2019 par Matt Huber
The climate and ecological crisis is dire and there’s little time to address it. In just over a generation (since 1988), we have emitted half of all historic emissions. In this same period the carbon load in the atmosphere has risen from around 350 parts per million to over 410 — the highest (...)

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